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Seems like an appropriate way to start this thing . . .

This thing . . .

That’s where I’ve landed.

This thing.

Because right now I’m interested in this thing, whatever “this” is at any given moment.

I’m interested in what we name it; how we make meaning of it; and what makes us define any given thing as a “thing” in that moment. And how we spend so much time moving away from it.

I’m especially interested in this thing called life.

Hence, this blog and my website.

Because “this thing” is always here and then gone. It’s always changing. It’s over right as we acknowledge it.


And then now.

And now.

So, how then do we live? Knowing that now, and then now, and then now, are here and then gone.

That’s the quest. Well, mine anyway.

Especially as it relates to This Thing Called Life.

So, here is sparse start to an infinitely vast and mind-blowing consideration.

Maybe you’ll be interested enough to read or weigh in. Or maybe you’ll just think I’m wasting my moments considering my moments.

Either way. Here I am. Happy to be here.

Doing this thing.


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