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I know, what a stupid title. Especially for such an important piece of news.

Anyhoo, we found out we’re pregnant two weeks ago.




Did I mention shock?


1/4 tsp of fear.



I felt feelings I didn’t know I had. It’s like the first time you do a crazy class at the gym and the day after you’re thinking, “Seriously, I have a muscle there?

Same, just emotions not muscles.

My mom and dad weren’t home the day we found out until hours (seemed like days) later, so they were the last ones to find out. When I told my mom she made a sound I’d never heard before. Seriously, I wasn’t sure what was happening.

My dad yelled out,”Way to go, Kyle!” What a trip!

So, we’re eight weeks in, and this week is the first OB-GYN appointment, and if we act now, we get our first ultrasound and a set of Ginsu knives. Good deal.

I’ll be relieved to get the first one out of the way, just to know everything is fine. I’m fine. Baby’s fine.

I’ve been a bit nauseous (no throwing up, thank god!). I never realized there were so many smells in the world. Every one seems to be taking it’s own slow journey through my nasal passages and limbic system to create a chaotic little process of:

smell –> immediate sensation of nausea –> comment “oh, god, that smell makes me nauseous” –> (time passes, 2-5 minutes later) “seriously, I can’t get that smell of (maple syrup, fried foods, steak . . . ) out of my nose!” –> trip to local convenience store for chewy mentos (one of the only things that doesn’t have aspartame in it) or starbursts –> new smell, new start of cycle

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

The only smell that’s consistently good is the smell of spaghetti or pizza sauce. It’s what I seem to want all the time, although strangely I don’t eat it all the time. Not sure why.

I’m looking at these as my own personal indicators that this is a normal pregnancy, hormones a-blazing and all. It is comforting to feel some of these things, as inconvenient as they are for this woman whose life is a veritable orgy of tastes and smells.

Oh, and by the way, I used to think cheese and the internet were evidence of a higher power. I’ve added another to the list: Sea-Bands. Invented for motion sickness, also wonderful for morning sickness. Thanks, Universe.

Small sacrifices for a wonderful outcome.

Anyway, I’ll be chronicling my journey in this blog, and I’m sure it will be fraught with the same patterns of ups, downs, comic interruptions, and absurdities that regular life presented.

But it’s an incredibly special time for me. For us. And I’m just trying to cherish every minute of it.

That’s why such a strange title to this entry. I kept trying to write, and I couldn’t find the right words. I kept thinking,”How do I say this?” and somehow it morphed into that first part of the title, which is a guaranteed laugh for me whenever someone says it. Not sure why, but it cracks me up.

Anyway, it felt right, and I guess that’s what I’m about at this point in time.

That’s my snapshot for today. I’ll keep you posted.


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