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Things are disappearing all around us, according to this article. Some of the things, like dial-up internet access and movie rental stores, are merely noteworthy and the kind of things you say, “Huh. That’s interesting . . . never thought about that.”

Some are much more dire and disturbing and fall more accurately in the category of “extinction,” implying something that will never return once gone. For example, Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs or ash trees or honeybees.

America aside, the world at large is at risk for losing many things, as climate change wreaks havoc on animals such as polar bears whose way of survival is changing in ways too drastic for them to survive.



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525,600 minutes . . .

The other day, Delaney and I were going for one of our many morning walks with Henry. On this particular day, we were talking about Father’s Day and our upcoming shopping trip to buy cards and a gift for her Daddy.

In the midst of the conversation, she burst out with, “And then pretty soon, we’ll buy a present for Mommy for Mother’s Day again!” I replied, “Well, we have a long way to go until Mother’s Day.

“Why?” (more…)

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