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Just breathe.

Seems simple enough, right?

I mean, we do it an average of 20,000 times a day (yes, I actually looked that up . . . I was curious) and we don’t even have to think about it thanks to our miraculous bodies.

So, why is it so difficult sometimes to just remember to focus our energy on the breath? To just be there and breathe.

I suppose there are so many other things that occupy our senses throughout the course of the day. Not to mention the crazy stories that hijack our minds and attempt to make meaning of the world around us. I mean, we’re creating reality through our own minds on a moment-to-moment basis, all the while really believing that it’s some external person, event, or situation that’s creeping into our reality.

And the reality is . . . we’re it. We create it. We own it. We invite or disinvite all of it.

And then we blame it for what’s wrong in our lives, what should be better, what isn’t enough. And all the while, we’re making it happen over and over again.

It’s fascinating really.

I’m a master at the whole cycle. And can I just say: what a crappy thing to be good at. (I’m happy to report that I’m also good at some useful things, so thankfully this isn’t my one shot at talent.)

I know the answer even if I choose not to use it. And how ridiculous is that, I might add? “I know the answer even if I choose not to use it.”

Ridiculous. Just more of the crazy.

I guess we all do that on a regular basis. We eat things we know aren’t good for us. We sit on the couch more than we engage in active and creative pursuits. We allow the stories in our minds to create an active, fantasy-rich life that runs away with itself, creating suffering.

There is an answer though. Not to the stuff of life. That is what it is. And it will always be there.

But how we relate to it, how we engage or disengage it. How we choose to be in relationship with it. That’s all ours.

And the best therapist for our relationship to life is the breath. It mediates like a good family counselor all the craziness happening inside and outside and allows us to touch truth, even if only for fleeting moments.

And touching truth feels so good, because it’s just pure and real and, well, true.

My previous two blog entries have focused on my (not so successful at times) adjustment to Henry, our new puppy. I have been fighting with reality for the past week because of the obvious changes a puppy brings to your life.

Today I touched truth for a moment, and I remembered who I am in my truer moments.

An animal lover.

A kind and generous person.

A flexible person.

A person who values life over a clean rug.

A person who knows that mud washes out of jeans.

A person who can look with compassion at the world around her and feel connected to all living things.

A better person than I’ve been in the last week. Certainly a better mom to this puppy than I’ve been in the past week. And a better wife than I’ve been to my ever-patient husband.

All thanks to the breath. It’s like a time machine back home to me.

I hope to be there more often.


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